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Comedy Central
Oct 5, 2012 7:30pm PDT
i have to do is get out of your peripheral vision and i should be fine. >> you're going to bob and weave. >> jon: i'm going say a bunch of stuff and are you just going to go aaaahh. o'reilly angry! and that's going to be it. you're going down. look, i think it's going to be fun. i think we will have a substantive discussion. what are the-- do you have topics that are prepared already. do you know what -- >> yeah, we're going to talk about my book. >> jon: no we're not. >> right. and then we're going to talk about your interview on good morning america where they called you tiny. >> jon: what did you think of, when you watched the debate, at what point in it did you know oh t this ain't his night this ain't-- this ain't happening for the president. did it click in immediately. >> the only thing, look, i'm jaded. i've seen these things since 1812. i have seen, you know, martin van burren really lit it up. he did not get the credit he deserved. the guy kicked butt, number 8. so what i couldn't understand, this is a serious point, remember the 47% remark, mitt romney said that 47%
FOX News
Oct 6, 2012 1:00am PDT
vision and i should be fine. >> you are going to bob and we've. >> i assume the debate is going to go like this. i will say a bunch of stuff and you will go. [growling] >> o'reilly angry. >> bill: so you can see how articulate this is going to be. all right. now mcguirk your advice to me is? >> well, listen, bill, you are going on to jon stewart's turf. >> bill: that's the college. >> you have to come out with just a little differently. you have to come out on a skateboard, perhaps, wearing a hoody, flashing the peace sign and the first thing you say is what up, players? have him in your back pocket. >> i was going to give out birth control devices to everybody in the crowd free. it's not georgetown but george washington still it's close. >> tomorrow night could be a good night for you to come out of closet because they would eat that up. >> that's right. they love that. >> i could be day for a night. >> have them in your back pocket. >> instead of saying to the crowd to say i'm happy to be there i could say i'm gay tonight. >> you could win a lot of unusual fans. you need to wear a b
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)